ADR-0005 Use APIs

Publication Date2021-05-11
Last Update2021-05-11


Some functionality for the eTryOn project will be provided by commercial companies in the consortium (QuantaCorp, Mallzee, and Metail). These companies will not in general want to make details of their implementations public, but instead present a “black box” interface.


We will access services from partner companies through HTTP-based APIs.


We need to ensure these third-party APIs are documented so they can be consumed by eTryOn applications.

Partner companies do not need to disclose implementation details.

The systems behind these APIs can be deployed and updated independently of eTryOn project resources, so long as API-compatibility is maintained.

Control of these services remains in the hands of each partner company. Note that this implies some risk to the project as, by definition, these services are not under the control of the project.