ADR-0017 Platform for Each Application revision

Publication Date2021-05-18
Last Update2021-05-18
SupersedesADR-0009 Platform for Each Application


In ADR 0009 a decision was made to use specific platforms for each application.

There has been a change in the usage of the second application “Dress Me Up app”. Instead of a mobile app it is now a web app. So for the implementation we will be using JavaScript (React.JS).


Subsequently the platforms that will be used to develop the applications are now the following:

  1. VR Designer: Unity

  2. Dress Me Up: JavaScript (React.JS)

  3. Magic Mirror: Unity

  4. VR Designer Backoffice: JavaScript (React.JS)


We have to take into account permissions to use a laptops camera or a webcam, when a user is using the application through a web browser instead of a mobile device.