ADR-0026 Use Browzwear parametric avatars for UC3

Publication Date2021-11-17
Last Update2021-11-17


For Use Case 3, the Magic Mirror app, a designer needs to prepare each garment in multiple sizes and style a different avatar for each size. We investigated using real fit models from Odlo that got scanned with Quanta Corp’s scanning app, and then automatically rigged and prepared for use in VStitcher with Metail’s pipeline.

However, the resulting avatars were difficult to dress, and, more importantly, they did not fit the ideal measurements for each garment size. The real fit models were chosen to aproximately match the ideal measurements, and not the other way around. (The ideal measurements come from averages computed by Alvanon, so they don’t exactly represent real people, but people with average measurements.)


We will use parametric avatars created by Browzwear in conjunction with Odlo to match those ideal measurements used in Odlo’s sizing.

Because the garment skinning and physics parameter extraction systems from Metail depend on a particular skeleton, Genesis 2, that does not correspond to Browzwear avatars, we will create doppelgängers of those avatars that look the same but internally use a different skeleton.

We will use a fixed A-pose for all the avatars and their doppelgängers, and we will make sure these poses are aligned in each avatar and its corresponding doppelgänger.

Odlo will dress and style the parametric avatars, and Metail will transfer the clothes to their doppelgängers and generate the skinned FBX files and physics textures needed by the Unity app.


  • There won’t be any need to scan fit models with Quanta Corp’s app.
  • Odlo, with help from Browzwear, will provide 5 male and 5 female parametric avatars, one per garment size.
  • The parametric avatars will need a generic A-pose. This is different from the usual arms-down pose that Odlo normally uses for styling. The arms should be 45 degrees down, not more. Garments will be prepared in this pose.
  • Metail will create doppelgängers of all the avatars that use a Genesis 2 skeleton.
  • The doppelgängers will be stored in the asset store for later processing. We will precompute any assets that we may need later on when processing garments, e.g. we will prebake animations for every avatar so we can compute garment physics parameters later on.