ADR-0039 Measurements and data deletion callbacks

Publication Date2022-05-20
Last Update2022-05-20


The following additional features were requested during the architectural meeting of May 20th, 2022.


In the Dress Me Up application, a prediction of the best fitting size needs to be made for the garment. We could use the measurements extracted from the scanatar to make a prediction of the garment size.

QuantaCorp needs to provide a callback that will upload a list of key measurements to eTryOn’s Firbase Storage using a pre-singed URL.

Data Deletion Request

At the beginning of this project, we made a document (deliverable D9.2) describing the ethical guidelines to be followed during this project.

Allowing users to request the destruction of their data is one of the promises made by the consortium.

To comply with this request, QuantaCorp needs to provide the means for eTryOn devs to allow users to have their data only on QuantaCorp servers for the duration of the scan processing by requesting the deletion of any person identifiable data after scan processing.


We will expand the Public API with two additional parameters:

  • etryon_measurements_callback: The service uploads a JSON-file containing key measurements to the caller-provided provided URL
  • data_deletion_callback: Flag that indicates what level of data deletion the service should perform after processing.


With this change, developers using any of the QuantaCorp SDKs are now able to add a callback to scan with which they can dump measurements at a given location (pre-signed URL), or allow their users to request a deletion of any scan data that makes a person identifiable.