ADR-0040 UC2 Garment entries and file Storage upload

Publication Date2022-07-06
Last Update2022-07-06


Following our updated architecture and the deprecation of the development of a Dress Me Up CLI, we need to document how the garments and the garment files that are needed for the app to function will be uploaded to the system.


All garment data will be made available to our system by uploading them to Firebase:

  • Garment entries: The garment entries include all the information needed for the Dress Me Up app to show them. They will be uploaded to Google Firestore database using a Google Firebase / GCP terminal or by using a temporary script file written in Node.js
  • Garment files: The garment .bw files will be uploaded manually to their respective paths, through the Google Storage interface that Google Firebase offers, using the filename and path decisions in ADR 0034.


Updated the garment entries and file upload flow for Use Case 2, after the deletion of the CLI.