Consumer Ratings


This function is required for Use Case 2. It is triggered by the DressMeUp app when a user creates a collection item, handling the call to the Consumer Rating Prediction Service, by providing the necessary information and then writing back the results to the Dress Me Up Data Store.


The function is triggered by a Cloud Storage notification when a collection item entry has been written to the data store.


The input is a JSON payload with the following field.

Field Description
Array An array of garment IDs


  1. The service creates an array of garment ids based on a user’s active collection.
  2. The service sends the array to the Prediction Service and gets back a list of garment ids for a specific user.
  3. The returned data is saved into the Dress Me Up Data Store.


  • Success / Error code.
  • An object that features a user id and an array of garment ids.
  • Results are written to garment_suggestions Data Store collection.
  • Example return object:
   "user_id": "435",
   "garment_ids": [